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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas (Shining and Maximal Fresh Look)

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Kitchen remodeling is like changing a part of your life. The kitchen is about the warmth and intimacy of family members. The kitchen brings the family together and deserves renovation because after your kitchen renovated, you will have more reasons to feel at home in the kitchen.

A kitchen is a place where families sit together and have a pleasant meal, so it is worth getting regular renovations regardless of their size. Planning to renovate a small kitchen might not be as complicated as a large kitchen. Even so, you still have to do careful planning.

Remodeling a small kitchen is all about how you change the condition of your small kitchen to remain feasible and comfortable to use. You also have the opportunity to do a lot of improvisation in your kitchen, especially regarding health issues.

Why We Should Remodel Our Small Kitchen

A kitchen remodels about the opportunity to update the design of your kitchen to the way you need it more. The motivation for starting kitchen renovations is the awareness that this is an amazingly simple way to change the design of your home. Kitchen renovations are about the opportunity to update your home design as you usually need.

Another motivation to start a kitchen remodel work is to make yourself happy when you see your new kitchen. So that the kitchen is no longer the backmost room that you often “hide,” but the function and value are the same as other rooms in your home.

How Can I Run My Small Kitchen Efficiently

Even though your kitchen space is smaller does not mean you can not make it comfortable and free to do homework. The small kitchen does not have to wholly renovated, so you can keep doing work in your kitchen. You only need to maximize space and try your best to create good things with what you have. You can apply a simple but very effective way to enjoy your small kitchen. Here are some simple remodeling ideas that you can do for your limited kitchen space:

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1. Think Like A Minimalist

Source : Amoroso Design

The minimalist concept is the primary key to a small kitchen renovation. If you start to feel your kitchen is cramped and uncomfortable, it could be that you are too ambitious to make your kitchen look luxurious without thinking about its comfort. From now on, try to think as minimal as possible for your small kitchen.

2. Decluttering Your Kitchen

Source : Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Renovating your kitchen can significantly disrupt your daily strength. Before you start renovating, you should begin removing items that you use every day, then place them in the boxes and put the labels to recognize them. that will help you decide what needs to stored in the room and which should be stored in a warehouse. Let’s try it.

3. Use Clever Lighting

Source : ZeroEnergy Design

Maximizing lighting from both natural sunlight and electrical light will make your kitchen feel more spacious. You no longer have trouble finding the items you need. Details of your kitchen will be increasingly visible so that it adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

How to Attach A Pantry Into A Small Kitchen

Attach pantry to your kitchen can be an effort to renew your kitchen. It is also beneficial for your small kitchen because you can easily store your grocery supplies in an organized manner. The addition of pantry is the more supporting modern lifestyle and as a complement to the interior to add a personal impression on your kitchen.

The existence of pantries amid the concept of a modern kitchen is also a complement of aesthetic elements that will highlight contemporary kitchen designs. These following are references in presenting a pantry in your small kitchen.

1. No-Pantry Pantry Concept

Source : Organized Living

You don’t need to build a pantry, all you need is to turn your corner of the kitchen into a pantry. All you need is organized open shelving with a size large enough to accommodate all your food stock. This is a brilliant idea to meet your modern lifestyle references with a combination of functional and aesthetic in one piece of furniture.

2. The Sliding Door Pantry

Source : Bison Custom Cabinetry

Small kitchens require space efficiency. There can be sliding door models for some of your furniture, just like this rustic-themed kitchen with the sliding doors. This barn style sliding door separates the limited space between the kitchen and the pantry, which leaves a warm and unique impression.

3. Back-off Door Pantry

Source : Breathing Room Design

Utilize the kitchen corner by installing a back-off door pantry. This type of pantry is very suitable to be placed in the remaining space under the stairs or the remaining space between the kitchen and dining area in your kitchen, so there’s no space in your kitchen left in vain.

4. Pretty Curtains Pantry

Source : The Closet People

No doors, no worry. Installing the beautiful curtains on your pantry is one easy way to beautify your kitchen. Choose a beautiful curtain with a color that contrasts with your wall paint, so it looks punched and catches the attention of people who see it.

5. Pantry With Translucent Panel

Source : Butler Armsden Architects

If you have more budget, trying to install transparent panels as the primary material for your pantry. This model is very suitable to be applied in a narrow space for a neater and broader impression. Models pantry like this one can meet your sophisticated lifestyle needs.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Small Kitchen

When the time to renew your house comes, you have to realize that every part of your home is equally important. Even though the living room and bedroom always get a lot of attention, the kitchen gives you a lot of freedom to be creative. The kitchen must have its own identity that will distinguish it from other rooms, but it still fits the overall theme of your home. If the current appearance of your kitchen does not make you satisfied, you should start thinking about kitchen remodeling. We have prepared some remodeling small kitchen design ideas for you

From Old White to Cinnamon Cabinetry

Source : Beacon Rock Custom Builders
Source : Beacon Rock Custom Builders

Previously, this kitchen looks worn with a less attractive white. Homeowners do quite a lot of remodels in their kitchens by changing the color of the kitchen cabinet to the kitchen floor from old white to warm and beautiful cinnamon. The enduring impression is maintained, it’s just that at present of this kitchen look much more attractive than before.

From Boring to Shinning

Source : Erin Carlyle
Source : elizaBeth Marcocci CKD, CAPS

Homeowners do not make any changes to the small kitchen. They just added a few things that enhance the appearance of the kitchen to be more shinning. The homeowner changed the wall paint from white to yellowish-green color, made a few extra cabinets, and put a pretty little rug on the floor.  This is suit for those of you who only need a little re-touch in your kitchen.

Minimal Changed With Maximal New Fresh Look

Source : Carolyn Elleman – Case Design Remodeling Inc.
Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Do you see a significant change in this kitchen? The homeowner did not change the layout of the room at all; they just added some electronic equipment, replaced the look of the kitchen cabinet, and repaired some details on the broken wall. Remodels like this one won’t take much time, but the results are amazing.

Color Happy Take Over the Plain Cabinets

Source : Cillesa Interior Design & Space Planning
Source : Cillesa Interior Design & Space Planning

If you start to feel bored with the appearance of your kitchen, but your kitchen does not need a lot of renovation. You only need to change it a little. Play with color! Psychologically, changing the color of your kitchen paint with a color that is very different from before is the most effective way to get rid of boredom. This kitchen doesn’t get much change. Homeowners change the color of an old kitchen cabinet to a cheerful blue color.

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Let It Bigger and Colorful

Source : Jules Duffy Designs
Source : Jules Duffy Designs

A small kitchen should make space appear more spacious than before. The homeowners make a big difference by changing the concept of a closed kitchen to an open concept by integrating the kitchen with a dining room that was previously separated by a wall with small door access. They also replaced the classic kitchen theme with a more colorful feel. The additional detail of the painting on the wall turns all the boredom into gladness.

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Usually, the kitchen unit has several cooking components, such as an oven, stove, and storage. While other units used for kitchen sinks, and other cleaning supplies. Different from the usual kitchen design, the galley kitchen is a kitchen design that consists of two parallel units. This kitchen allows maximum use of limited space and requires minimum movement.

Because of its efficiency and safety during cooking, make galley kitchens becoming popular. Besides, this kitchen design is easy to direct and make everything in the room readily available. So, having a galley kitchen at home is a plus because of its effectiveness. If you are interested in changing your kitchen design into a galley kitchen, you can imitate the following galley kitchen inspiration.

Condominium Galley Kitchen

Source : ZeroEnergy Design

The purpose when designing galley kitchens is to make them feel as large as possible. Therefore, galley kitchens needed for urbanites who live in apartments or condominiums. Forget the large furniture, design as little space as possible to avoid clutter in your kitchen.

Bright and Airy Galley Kitchen

Source : MA Peterson Designbuild, Inc.

Galley kitchen with a bright and airy concept offers many advantages for your small kitchen, one of which is easy access for families. So, you can still talk with family members while you work in the kitchen. Bright paint colors always leave a clean and tidy impression on your kitchen.

Bold Minimalis Galley Kitchen

Source : Penny Drue Baird, Dessins LLC

A touch of bold-green gives freshness to this minimalist kitchen. Accents on most walls give a decorative impression without requiring a lot of space. This small kitchen gets enough lighting from the massive surrounding windows so that the bold color that does not make the room look too dark.

Transitional Galley Kitchen

Source : Penny Drue Baird, Dessins LLC

This transitional style kitchen has fresh mint green walls with a darker gray for the kitchen cabinet and kitchen island to create soft contrast colors. An additional set of sofas as a substitute for a large dining table is very efficient to use in narrow spaces without reducing the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Modern Outdoor Galley Kitchen

Source : Messana O’Rorke

If you don’t have sizeable enough space in the house for a comfortable kitchen, go outside. This galley kitchen utilizes the hallway in the yard of the house for a modern kitchen. Feel the pleasant sensation of cooking with natural lighting from the sun every day in your kitchen.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Remodel Ideas

U-shaped kitchen design has a workspace spread over three adjoining walls. U-shaped kitchen is probably the most practical kitchen layout and often used because it can provide additional storage space or extra tool space. Then, U-shaped kitchens are usually used to work in large areas, but even small kitchens can benefit from U-shaped kitchen designs. The following U-shaped kitchen remodels design ideas can be applied in your small kitchen.

Light and Width

Source : Folkway Design & Wares Co.

This U-shaped kitchen combines a cooking area and a small library. The selection of bright colors and space in the middle of the width creates the impression of width and light that are needed by small kitchen designs. Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen like this one?

Shiny Surface

Source : Paul Craig Photography

Ninety percent of the items in this industrial kitchen use shiny-looking material. This design is suitable for those of you who want to remodel your kitchen to look like a professional kitchen. Choose materials that have a glossy surface, such as stainless steel, to exude the sparkle in your beautiful kitchen.

Maximize One Wall

Source : TLA Studio

U-shaped kitchen in this small apartment looks special only by maximizing one side of the wall in the room. Stunning simple appearance and smart space efficiency created for those of you who are minimalistic and practical.

Define the Cooking Zone

Source : Matteo Bianchi Studio

Renovating limited space is a challenge to think more creatively. You will not realize that there is a U-shaped kitchen in this basement if you don’t pay close attention. Take over a little space between the living room and the outdoor area; the homeowner has determined the most comfortable zone for cooking. You can apply the same idea too.

Contrast the Cabinetry

Source : Camilla Molders Design

Playing with colors is a fun, easy way to remodel your kitchen. If you are brave, choose a very different color for a piece of furniture in your kitchen. Just like this U-shaped kitchen, the cabinet has two very different colors. The bright white color resembles a wall for the upper kitchen cabinet and blue-bold at the bottom. It represents the soul of a brave homeowner.

Small Cottage Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The concept of cottage kitchen is all about how to create a comfortable and friendly kitchen design in your home, design like this embraces the character of the space used without worrying too much about new modern details.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a stone house in the countryside to enjoy the trend of cottage kitchens. You only need to change what you already have. If you plan to remodel the kitchen and your taste brings you to a comfortable and relaxing place, you might need to explore various cottage kitchen ideas that we provide below.

Beach-style Cottage Kitchen

Source : Whitten Architects

The dominant color of this kitchen is reminiscent of warm beach sand in summer or tanned skin after sunbathing all day. Can you imagine if the atmosphere of summer vacation is present in your kitchen every day?

Eclectic Cottage Kitchen

Source : Mustard Seed Interiors

Can you guess how many types of themes applied in this beautiful cottage kitchen? “Eclectic” means to choose from various sources. This kitchen combines several issues, such as rustic, modern, and most farmhouse styles. This kind of kitchen is perfect for those of you who like to bring a lot of elements to your home.

Vintage Cottage Kitchen

Source : Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc

are you dream of a small vintage kitchen remodel idea? you should take a look at these remnants of ancient ceramics on some walls to reinforce the impression of vintage in this simple cottage kitchen. With a limited budget, you can still present a vintage theme for your kitchen, without having to spend a lot of money to buy antiques, such as a surprisingly creative way.

Farmhouse Style Cottage Kitchen

Source : Oliver Grahame Photography

Farmhouse and cottage, both of which bring peace to your kitchen. Why don’t you try to combine the two? Apply the farmhouse theme to the chimney, then the cottage feels to the kitchen ceiling. Do not forget to add curtains and some blue furniture that represents the waves on the beach.

Another Beach-style Cottage Kitchen


Enjoying a fresh drink from a beachside bar is a pleasant experience. Inspired by this, this small kitchen “invites” you to feel the same sensation in your kitchen without having to go far away to the beach. Are you interested in trying it?

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Whatever the size of your kitchen, it is still eligible for routine maintenance. Although it is not as complicated as a more extensive kitchen, remodeling a small kitchen requires proper planning, great creativity. And most importantly, remodeling the small kitchen should be done without making it lower than before. Therefore, minimalism is the key to a comfortable small kitchen.

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