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Kitchen Table With Storage (Pros and Cos, How To Make Kitchen Table With Storage)

Kitchen Table With Storage – Furniture is one of the essential items that must be owned at home because furniture is needed to support your activities. Apart from that, you also have to consider the size of the furniture to the size of your home. Choose multifunctional furniture that can save space. This type of furniture has an essential role in storing each cubic of space, which can give a broader impression at your home.

Talking about efficiency, all homeowners want everything in their house to function efficiently, especially for urban people who live in dense settlements and limited space. This can be started by bringing multifunctional furniture in your home. The kitchen table with storage is one of them. Having a table as well as a storage area is something special that you should try.

The space under the table is often unused and left alone. Underneath the table can be used as storage. But that does not mean you just put your stuff under the table. You can overcome this by making the storage cabinets. This idea can also be used to anticipate the limited space in your kitchen. By exploring further, you can bring the efficiency offered by the kitchen table with storage in your home.

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Why We Need Kitchen Table With Storage

Source : Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

At present, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking and preparing food. But the kitchen is a place to gather and share a good time while drinking or eating with family members and closest relatives. Family members will usually gather at home, where food and drink served. Around the dining table or kitchen table, while chatting, enjoying food is the most precious moment. Therefore, the kitchen table is one of the critical pieces of furniture.

When choosing the right kitchen table, you will consider many things, whether your desk is easily accessible, easy to clean, and has many other functions. Selecting a kitchen table with storage is one of the right choices. You can store your food and cooking utensils in that storage. A kitchen table with storage is also a solution when you have a small table and cannot save everything you have on the table.

Pros and Cons Kitchen Table With Storage

Source : Venegas and Company

Having a kitchen table with storage provides many benefits for homeowners besides “the ability” in overcoming the problem of space efficiency.  Of course, there are many pros to have a kitchen table with storage. The first pro we will see is the extra counter space. After living in homes where counter space is minimal, a kitchen table with storage is a savior when serving food for many people whos attend it. The second pro is extra storage space. Under your kitchen table is a smart secret storage room. You can also design your kitchen table to suit your needs. 

There are some things you should pay attention to as you choose a kitchen table with storage. The first cons are the comfort issue. We all agree that a table that leaves a lot of space underneath will feel more comfortable; you have plenty of room to put your feet around the kitchen table. One thing to note is that the placement of tables with storage can disrupt the flow of the kitchen. It is essential to have the right installation so that there are no dead zones in your kitchen as a result.

How to Make Kitchen Table With Storage

There are a few things you should pay attention to build a kitchen table with storage. Some of the following guidelines can make it easier for you to choose a kitchen table with storage that suits your needs.

All you have to do first is to make sure that what your kitchen table will look alike? If you need more storage, a closed storage design is the right one for you. Dining stools are the right choice than dining chairs in general to complete this design.

Source : Great Spaces!

You don’t always use the entire space along with your table. You can use only a few parts. You can make a shelf on the left or right side of your table to store jars or cookbooks. Not only beneficial but also entertaining.

Source : Vermont Farm Table

In the beginning, you have to determine what storage will be under your desk. Whether you need an open or closed design to store your cooking utensils, a spacious storage design will be more precise and accessible.

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Source : Dufner Heighes Inc

Small Kitchen Table with Storage

As discussed earlier, adding storage to the table can be a solution in limited space. In a limited space, you can’t use a large table. A small but multifunctional table is the right solution. The following small kitchen table ideas with storage can inspire you.

1. Round Kitchen Table With Storage

Source : Ashley Cloudfront

This small round table has storage underneath, namely three simple stacking shelves. A coffee table that does not need much space in your kitchen. You can store all the bowls and glassware underneath, stacking them properly, so they don’t look messy. 

2. Hallway Console Table

Source : sobuy-livingnature

This small white table with storage made in hallway design. Small and sleek with two multipurpose stacking racks below. It can be used for the breakfast table or as a place to enjoy a glass of wine with your relatives.

3. Corner Kitchen Table Set

Source : Bay Area Design Build, Inc.

This contemporary kitchen makes the most of every corner of the room. Homeowners install a corner kitchen table set with bench storage underneath in a color that matches the dominant.

4. Kitchen Table With a Bookshelf

Source : Design Studio West

A small, spring-colored table with cherry wood planks above it became the focal point of the room, the storage’s shaped like a sleek bookshelf. It is ideal for reading books and enjoying afternoon tea.

5. Kitchen Table with Utensil Rack Underneath

Source : KitchenLab Interiors

You certainly don’t want to be bothered by messy cooking utensils because there is no place to store them. You can use the kitchen table as well as the dining table with a design like the following. Open space under the table can be used to store cooking supplies and your food storage basket. Are you interest to try it?

Corner Kitchen Table With Storage Bench

A storage bench is a chair that has storage underneath. This kind of furniture provides more benefits because it can be used to sit as well as store goods. The appearance of the storage bench will give a different touch at home. Therefore it is often placed in the corner of the room along with the dining table. You can enhance your kitchen with a beautifully designed storage bench. Choose products that fit the atmosphere of your room. Here we prepare some storage bench designs that will improve the corner of your room.

1. Open Design Storage Bench

Source : Angela Dechard Design

This kind of kitchen design is equipped with a corner kitchen table and a storage bench with an open layout. Storage design on this bench resembles an open shelf. You can store your antique ceramic displays or book collections.

2. L-Shaped Storage Bench

Source : kelly mcguill home

A bench with an L-shaped layout is the most ideal for the corner of the room because it can be positioned correctly. You can pair it with a rectangular table with the addition of a small dining chair to make the room more attractive.

3. Breakfast Corner Nook

Source : Kayron Brewer, CMKBD / Studio K B

The breakfast room can be a central location for family member interaction. You only need to provide one corner of the room to install a kitchen nook table with a storage bench to enjoy breakfast with your family every morning.

4. U-Shaped Storage Bench

Source : Medallion Cabinetry

If the corner of your house leaves a relatively large room, you can try to install a U-shaped storage bench to use space more efficiently. A storage bench with a U-Shaped layout will be installed perfectly without leaving space in vain.

5. Half-round Storage Bench

Source : Ben Herzog

L-shaped and U-shaped is indeed the perfect layout for a corner kitchen table with a storage bench. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try other arrangements. You can also try a half-round layout design. This layout is very suitable to be paired with a round dining table.

Kitchen Table With Storage Underneath

The kitchen table is a type of furniture that is used to support activities in the kitchen, such as cooking, preparing food, and enjoy food. Completeness of supporting functions of the kitchen table also needs to be considered, such as a place to store cooking utensils, a drawer area to put food, and other parts required to support your work.

Ergonomic factors become one of the essential things in designing furniture. Making storage underneath is one effective way to maximize the function of the kitchen table. The following are storage ideas under the table that can amaze you.

1. Kitchen Table With Storage Cabinet

Source : Bay Area Design Build, Inc.

You can get both: a table and cabinet storage.  The modern design of this kitchen uses White Caesar stone countertops and backsplash and custom aluminum frame white glass cabinets underneath the table, such as an effortless beauty. 

2. The Double Trouble

Source : Clawson Architects, LLC

This kitchen has two types of storage underneath, first, a dining table with underneath storage in the middle for casual dining, and a semi-formal dining corner with storage bench window. You can install both in your kitchen or choose one according to your needs.

3. The More, The Better.

Source : Clawson Architects, LLC

You can install as many storage cabinets as possible in your kitchen because this will bring many benefits. Like this modern kitchen, it has many drawers in the kitchen cabinet and an additional small kitchen table with storage underneath, which adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. 

4. Kitchen Table With Wine Storage

Source : SF Architecture

The homeowner installing a kitchen table with wine storage made of wooden slats that have the role of artifacts in this minimalist kitchen. Epic combination of nature and modern design ideas. 

5. Kitchen Table With Storage Drawer

Source : Suzie Parkinson SÜZA DESIGN

This kitchen table designed with excellent taste, the perfect combination of a kitchen table with storage drawers, and open shelves. The combination of color and texture gives a calm and beautiful atmosphere.

Kitchen Table Island With Storage

If the two functions aren’t efficient enough, then a kitchen island table with storage is everything you need. This furniture not only provides two different features but three tasks at the same time. You will have a kitchen table as well as kitchen island and storage in one furniture. If you are interested in bringing it to your home, the following inspiring island kitchen with storage can give you enlightenment.

1. Electric Kitchen Table Island

Source : Studio III architects

This kitchen has a unique design with a combination of pastel green and wood. The homeowner combines the functions of a kitchen island and a kitchen table at once with a unique multilevel table design. The storages are placed on one side, to maintain comfort when sitting around the kitchen table.

2. Scandinavian Kitchen Table Island

Source : Kitchen Architecture

Scandinavian looks in this kitchen give a bright atmosphere. Kitchen furniture, including kitchen island, have a similar color. Homeowners maximize the function of their kitchen island by adding kitchen sinks, bookshelves, and storage drawers. The addition of two stools provides additional features like a dining table. An excellent idea that you have tried. 

3. Contemporary Kitchen Table Island

Source : Sealy Design Inc.

It is a contemporary open concept kitchen with a family room. Homeowners accommodate kitchen island to maximize storage space and add console seats to function optimally. There can also be time-spent cooking as well as gathering with family members in a circle unites table.

4. Industrial Kitchen Table Island

Source : Roundhouse

These are two in one fantastic furniture. This industrial nuanced kitchen island combines the functions of the dining table as well as the kitchen table while other parts maximize the actual purpose of the kitchen island. It equipped with bar stools that add exciting things to the room.

5. Tiny Kitchen Table Island

Source : Kimball Starr Interior Design

The tiny kitchen island has a table that can be pulled for additional space. And in other parts, there are several large drawers for extra storage. It is a brilliant idea to deal with the problem of limited space in your kitchen

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At present, most houses built with considerable constraints on the size of the room. Most people have to adapt to small apartments or residences. For this reason, it is essential to not only take advantage of every square centimeter of your home but also to have practical and functional furniture. The kitchen table with storage is one furniture that can offer other uses in one element. If you don’t want to have just a table in the kitchen, you can choose several table designs that take advantage of the space underneath to combine some extra storage as a drawer, shelves, or others. 

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