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Kitchen Makeover Ideas (Repaint and Easy Decorating)

Kitchen Makeover Ideas – Are you starting to feel something is wrong when entering your kitchen? Even though all your kitchen furniture is still in place. You might start to get bored with your kitchen situation, and maybe your kitchen needs a makeover.

The kitchen is the center of the home design plan, and you must consider your kitchen design with great, care and proper planning. Makeover must be done routinely, although it is usually expensive and time-consuming; however, creatively, you can give a new atmosphere to your kitchen.

The Importance of Kitchen Makeover

Source : Erin Carlyle
Source : Philbrook Engineering & Construction

Even though many people don’t realize it, the kitchen is the essential room in the house. People don’t like being in the kitchen because the kitchen does not suit their needs, and can reduce the comforts while in the kitchen. Everyone wants a kitchen designed according to their tastes and needs.

However, to make your home always comfortable, you must often plan a makeover project. Fortunately, with the right advice and reference given by interior design, you can easily makeover your kitchen to fit your needs.

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How do I Update My Kitchen

Source : Crystal Kitchen + Bath
Source : Crystal Kitchen + Bath

1. Improving the Appearance

Although your kitchen’s primary purpose is to cook and prepare food, it is possible that you also use this room to welcome your friends and family, which means you have to make your kitchen as attractive as possible. Improving the appearance of your kitchen is another reason why you should makeover your kitchen. Some ways to remodel your kitchen can be used to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Adding new cabinets, repainting your walls and kitchen cabinets, and installing a new backsplash are also great ways to makeover your kitchen.

2. Add the Function

The most important reason you should think about makeover your kitchen is adding functionality to it. You can quickly improve your kitchen utility with a few minor adjustments. It is will not only make your kitchen more functional but also pay attention to health issues for your kitchen.

3. Increase in Sales Value

Although you use the kitchen for your personal needs, it is possible if one day you think of reselling your home. By makeover your kitchen, you can make sure it looks good. You can also make your home much more attractive to prospective home buyers. Apart from making it easy to sell your house, this can also help you get a good offer.

How do I Update My Kitchen Without Spending a Lot of Money

Source : Between Naps on the Porch

When you start thinking if your kitchen needs renovation, the first thing you will likely do is change all the furniture, tiles, appliances, even everything. Kitchen makeover, of course, requires a lot of money, if you can afford it, go ahead. But if your budget is limited, you need to think more creatively to save more.

A kitchen makeover on a budget can be quite challenging. Actually, you don’t need to buy all new furniture. You can do low-cost kitchen makeover such as painting walls, updating kitchen cabinets, and adding more lighting that can refresh your space at a lower cost.  With a limited budget for the kitchen makeover, it’s essential to make the best use of small things. Here are some things you can try.

1. Repaint the Kitchen

The easiest and certainly economical way is to paint the walls of your kitchen and kitchen cabinet. You can choose the same color as before. But, we recommend replacing it with a color that is quite contrasting from previous to bring a fresh atmosphere and psychologically can dispel your boredom.

2. Rearrange the Furniture

The following way is cheaper than before, and even you do not need to spend some money to do it. You only need extra energy to rearrange some of your kitchen furniture. This method can also be used to re-sort items that you may no longer need, and you can upgrade them with new ones.

3. Easy Decorating

Easy decoration will help more. Start by removing items that cause visual clutter. Put frequently used items in an easily visible place, add decorative plants, and display kitchen items in an orderly manner. Open your kitchen window wide and use good lighting to brighten the kitchen and make it look bigger.

Easy Kitchen Make Over Ideas

As discussed earlier, kitchen makeovers can be costly and time-consuming. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with limited time and budget. Simple ways can improve your outdated kitchen and replace the boring atmosphere into a new one.

Freshen Up the Wall

Your kitchen wall is one of the centers of attention. You can start with remodeling your kitchen wall. Replace your worn-out kitchen wall with a fresher appearance with the references we have prepared below.

Yellow Hand-painted Wall

Source : Lowe’s Home Improvement

These rustic kitchen makeover ideas get nuance from a fresh palette. Bright yellow hand-painted trellis wall patterns add a new feel to the kitchen that contrasts with the color of the kitchen island and cabinet.

Blue Garden Flower Wall

Source : Andrea Schumacher Interiors

This kitchen has blue walls with flower paintings that reminiscent of spring. It is suitable to combine with crystal chandeliers. The green color chosen for the kitchen island adds to the nuances of the flower garden with beautiful green grass.

Agenda Board Wall

Source : Dijeau Poage Construction

Do not leave your kitchen walls idle. Present a game board or blackboard on your wall. Write your plans for the next month with family on the agenda board in your kitchen. Interesting right?

Add Some Green

“greeny, greeny on the wall, please make the room feel fresh and beautiful.”  The green color of decorative plants is beneficial to beautify your kitchen. try to cheat on some of the following plant ideas.

Herbs Garden Wall

Source : Portico Design Group

Growing herbs will not only beautify your kitchen but also be rich in benefits. Use the unused jar and a few pieces of board to nail it down. Make a mini herb garden on the wall of your kitchen in the most comfortable way.

Decorative Creeping Plants

Source : Michael Goodsmith Design

Put a pot of creeping plants in one corner of your kitchen. Or you can put it together with other displays on your floating shelves. The presence of creepers will be exciting without too much effort.

Wild Window Plants

Source : Justina Blakeney

Bring the feel of wild nature with lots of plants in your kitchen. The best place to put plants is near a window to get enough light, and of course, help produce oxygen reserves in your kitchen.

Try to Create Kitchen Library

The kitchen and library are rarely. But by presenting a library in the kitchen, you have many opportunities to change the look of your kitchen. You can provide a little space in your kitchen to keep a collection of old books. These following are some fascinating kitchen library references to try.

Kitchen Island Library

Source : DHV Architects

The outside of the kitchen island is sometimes unused and left without function. Even though you could have turned it into a bookshelf, you can also store your collection of recipe books, so you can easily retrieve them when needed.

The Loft Library

Source : Louise Lakier

This design is suitable for small kitchen makeover ideas. The kitchen loft leaves plenty of room to use, why don’t you try storing your book collection on it. Brilliant idea to save a lot of space while giving a new nuance in your kitchen.

Floating Shelves Library

Source : Apartment 46

If there is still some free space in your floating shelves, it doesn’t hurt to keep books that you have read side by side with your favorite collection of plates and glasses. The resulting blend of the colors will be so lovely.

Play With Rug

The floor becomes one of the essential elements in the kitchen, although its presence often overlooked. Exploring the floor is quite tricky because you have to remodel quite a lot. However, there is a more natural way to accentuate your kitchen floor. Play with the rug! The following are some beautiful-looking kitchens with rugs. Let’s try it. Let’s try it.

Rich Colored Rug

Source : Fredman Design Group

The vibrant color combinations from this U-shaped rustic kitchen gives warmth to the eye that sees. Wooden floors covered with classic red rug match with the color of the selected kitchen cabinet creates a natural and beautiful feel.  You should try it.

The Double Trouble

Source : The Home Index Interior Design

This contemporary kitchen owner does not hesitate to place two carpets of two different sizes and colors on the kitchen floor. The double rug has a significant impact on the appearance of a simple kitchen and minimal accessories. Similar ideas you can apply in your minimalist kitchen. It is very suitable for those of you who don’t want too much decoration in the kitchen.

Sheepskin Rug

Source : Thom Filicia Inc.

Take inspiration from the animal print by placing a small sheepskin accent rug in the corner of your room. The atmosphere that presented in your kitchen is like the atmosphere at a farmhouse. For those of you who don’t like animal printed items, this idea might not suit you. But now many stores sell artificial sheepskin if you are still interested in using it.

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Kitchen Island Makeover Ideas

Very significant changes can come from your kitchen island. Kitchen Island is a kitchen feature that always combines form and function. Kitchen Island is a non-attached counter, usually located in the middle of the kitchen area, that allows access from all sides. Kitchen islands can function as centers for cooking and food preparation activities, as well as places to eat. Makeover on a kitchen island is the right idea to change the appearance of your kitchen significantly.

From Mid-tone Oak to White and Blue Update

Source : Mitchell Parker
Source : Kitchen Magic

If you pay attention to this contemporary kitchen, you will realize that not many changes have made. All that changes is the color of the paint. The previous paint color is mid-tone oak with granite backsplash. The kitchen then repainted with dramatic colonial blue and satin white. Space looks noticeably changed without doing a major overhaul but gives a brighter impression compared to before.

From All Over Black to Creamy White

Source : Annie Thornton
Source : Simply Home Decorating

At first, this kitchen has a dark wood stain. The homeowners then change the color to soft white and install a custom glass backsplash Moorish of the same color and surface that can reflect light, and help make the room brighter. The color chosen for the kitchen island is a dark bronze color that matches three hanging lamps mounted on the ceiling. The contrasting color with its surroundings makes this kitchen island the center of attention.

From White to White Again

Source : Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC
Source : Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC

With a color that is not much different from before, the homeowner made several changes to the kitchen island. They added several cabinets to space and replaced the backsplash with black. They also installed a chimney with and several floating shelves to the walls of the kitchen. The makeover that mostly done in this kitchen is maximizing previously unused space.

From Yellowish-Oak to Two-Tone

Source : Sabrina Alfin Interiors
Source : Sabrina Alfin Interiors

Color changes everything. Kitchen makeover at a low cost that makes the most sense for you is to change the color of your kitchen. This traditional kitchen was previously very loyal to the classic oak color with one color that dominates. Homeowners then make changes by replacing them with two beautiful colors, a combination of broken white and dark blue without doing additional remodeling to the furniture. Small changes have a significant impact.

From Bold to Neutral Colour

Source : Rock Paper Hammer
Source : Rock Paper Hammer

Some previous inspirational kitchen island makeover ideas made the color change from neutral to colored. Different from before, the homeowner built a makeover on his small kitchen by changing the color of the kitchen island from bold to a more neutral color. Previously the color of fuschia dominated kitchen island and most of the kitchen furniture. Homeowners then create a broader impression on their small kitchens by changing the color of bold to neutral and tend to be bright. This action succeeded in improving and creating a broader impression than before.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas Before and After

The kitchen makeover initially sounds very scary. You have to pay and spend time. And the condition of the house, which will always be dirty and messy during renovations. However, your feelings every time you see a new kitchen are everything. All the tired and expenditures will be replaced with feelings of amazement and pride. The following is a photo gallery of before-after kitchen makeovers that is very amazing and you should try.

Fantastic Blue Ocean

Source : CG&S Design-Build
Source : CG&S Design-Build

This messy kitchen transformed into a comfortable space that can increase productivity. Homeowners change the color of the kitchen cabinet with blue like the ocean. Most kitchen cabinets are removed and replaced with transparent glass that connects the kitchen with their workspace, also changing the outside of the kitchen into a beautiful workspace. Additional accents of blue paintings on the walls contrast with the dominant white color. A significant transformation that never disappoints.

Two-Toned Transformation

Source : Precision Cabinetry and Design
Source : Precision Cabinetry and Design

Homeowners do quite a lot of transformation in this kitchen. Previously, this kitchen had a classic nuance with dominant earth-tone colors. With a combination of two colors applied later, the appearance of the kitchen later in the remodel becomes more modern. The homeowner also changed the function of the previous kitchen island as a dining table, to a beautiful and contemporary additional sofa. You can take this inspiration to your kitchen table makeover idea.

The Greatness White and Grey

Source : Case Design/Remodeling San Jose
Source : Case Design/Remodeling San Jose

This kitchen looks much more sophisticated than before. Homeowners change the total color of the walls, ceiling, and even the furniture to white and light gray. The homeowners also changed the function of some of the kitchen furniture is outdated. An old wooden cupboard in the corner of the kitchen transformed into open shelving as well as a minibar, a storage area for glasses and wine bottles that added a great impression.

Eco-Modern Kitchen

Source : Encircle Design and Build
Source : Encircle Design and Build

Homeowners are starting to apply the concept of environmentally friendly to their modern kitchens. They make the kitchen more minimalist by using more natural lighting from windows and ceilings that are specially designed to facilitate the entry of sunlight to save the use of light from electrical energy. It is worth to try, you not only make changes to the appearance of your kitchen but also make changes to save the earth.

Closed to Open Concept

Source : The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn
Source : The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Open concept kitchens are increasingly popular and loved because of the advantages, especially in small residences such as apartments or condominiums. The owner of this condominium changed the concept of the kitchen from closed to open. They are doing some updates for their condo units, especially in the kitchen and living room. The advantages of a kitchen with an open concept have benefits that can make the room more spacious, by integrating the kitchen with the living room.

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Kitchen renovations, whether for resale or personal use, are quite challenging to do. Besides, renovating the kitchen may take longer than you think and adequate budget issues. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on renovating a kitchen. The kitchen will certainly be more functional — starting from easier to clean, more efficient for cooking, or more comfortable for food preparation. As we know, now the kitchen is not only used for cooking, but also for gathering with other family members. So making kitchen conditions as comfortable as possible will be beneficial when all family members are gathering together in your home.

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