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Kitchen Interior Design (Modern, Simple and Best Color for Kitchen Interior)

The kitchen was initially often considered as a domestic space that received less attention compared to other rooms. Over time, the kitchen interior design began to the attention of interior designers. Many families spend time in the kitchen, even gathering and receiving guests directly from their kitchen. Therefore kitchen interior designs today often combine dining rooms and spaces where family and relatives will gather.

Thus are, the ideal kitchen must meet many requirements. A functional kitchen requires flexibility in function and lighting, through the careful and proper planning. The kitchen interior design will affect how you use and access the space. Functional basic requirements are needed to create a pleasant kitchen space to work and gather with your family and guests.

What Is Kitchen Interior

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Interior design is defined generally as the process of decorating or designing a room or building. Thus, kitchen interior design is related to how to create or decorate a place that we called “kitchen.”  Even so, the kitchen interior design is not just learning where to determine the position of the table, cabinet, or kitchen sink; This is also not as easy as it looks at commercial kitchen interior design.

The overall interior design is a thorough job; this is an essential component of a space. Kitchen interior design is not just about how to arranging furniture in your kitchen. More than that, it’s about how someone’s experience in creating a space, which affects not only how do we live and work, but also how we think and feel.

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Why We Must Decorate Our KItchen Interior

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The kitchen is one of the essential spaces for making your family happy and of course, getting enough food. The kitchen should be a place where you feel so glad, like the other rooms in your house. To realize all that, we need the right kitchen interior design.

Why is this so important? Because interior design combines aesthetics with the science of understanding people’s behavior to create a truly functional space. Therefore, it is not enough to design the kitchen to look good. But how every element in it goes according to its function.

Besides trying to make the space function properly look aesthetically and appealing, interior design also includes technical and safety issues such as structural requirements, building codes, and health and safety issues. As Mitchel Joachim said: “Don’t Build Your Home, Grow it!” The right kitchen interior design can help you to grow your home.

Tips to Design The Interior of Our Kitchen

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When you plan to build a kitchen, you have to decide what precisely the purpose of your kitchen. Will the kitchen to be a place for your family to gather? or it will only be a place to prepare food? Do you like to cook professionally, or do you only cook at certain moments? Whatever your needs, you must decide the best layout of your kitchen. We already have prepared some tips that you can practice in your kitchen.

1. Properly Space Planed

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Interior Design is the design of interior spaces. It is includes designing new structures or renovating existing interiors from previous arrangements. The atmosphere of a room affects a person’s atmosphere. Therefore, before renovating or build a new kitchen, you must prepare a proper design. so, that functionality and aesthetics combine to enhance the life experience of everyone in a well-designed interior space

2. Choose the Right Colour for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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You certainly do not want your kitchen to become a dull space. Nor only to coloring the walls and the ceiling of your kitchen, you can also add a bright color splash to your kitchen cabinet. Or, if you prefer something minimalist, you should add pastel colors to your list. The right color for your kitchen cabinet creates a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen.

3. Get the Kitchen Lighting Right

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One crucial aspect that you should pay attention to is the lighting of your kitchen. You have to make sure your kitchen gets enough lighting. Also, add the right size window for air and light circulation, or you can install glass on the kitchen ceiling. Then, you can add the electric light in the kitchen for lighting at night.

4. Give the “Identity” to Your Kitchen

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Do you want a minimalist, modern, rustic or industrial kitchen? Or do you want to create an open or closed kitchen concept? Determining the theme in your kitchen is like giving an identity to your kitchen. By assessing the idea of kitchen interior, it will facilitate your work to get the dream kitchen most easily.

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Interior Design Ideas for Kitchen

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Designing kitchen interiors is a quite challenging job, but the comfort that comes from succeeding in creating spaces that emit the right form and function is precious. Functionality and aesthetics combine to enhance everyone’s life experience in a well-designed kitchen interior space. We have prepared the following interior kitchen design that you can apply.

Contemporary Interior Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens give us a lot of flexibility and creativity in the way of designing them. However, there are specific rules about modern kitchen design that we must be “obeyed” to function correctly. Although, sometimes we think that contemporary interiors are always cool-toned and minimalist. But in today’s homes, modern kitchen interiors also focus on dark colors without leaving a messy and gloomy impression. These modern contemporary kitchen interior designs that we show below might reflects the “rules.”

Classic Contemporary Kitchen

Source : Clifton Leung Design Workshop

This semi-open kitchen design with a sliding glass door offers the flexibility to extend the kitchen to the dining room. You can also enjoy views of the green garden, whether you are cooking or dining. The kitchen table serves as a spacious work table while creating the perfect bar area. Elegant but straightforward bar stools add a modern feel to the kitchen area and create the ideal bar for pleasure.

Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen

Source : Karen Joy Interiors

Choosing pastel colors for most kitchen areas creates a calm feel. By utilizing the space under the stairs and selected minimalist furniture creates a deep impression in the kitchen. The incredible thing is a round dining table and two metal adjustable metal counter tools complete this minimalist kitchen.

Industrial Contemporary Kitchen

Source : Maraya Interior Design

You might like this contemporary kitchen with clean lines, textures, colors, and simple designs with floor-to-ceiling windows. The wood and porcelain floors provide a warm feeling throughout the room. Kitchen cabinets are custom made with stainless steel doors and cherry wood frames and the backsplash covered with large gray glass tiles. This open concept kitchen integrated with a living room furnished with custom made silver leather sofas, the dominant dark color chosen without leaving a too bleak impression

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Fundamentally, the style of modern kitchen interior defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, intentional use of textures, and clean lines. The interior design of modern kitchens tends to display space rather than furniture. By focusing on color, space, and shape, the interior design of a modern kitchen is sleek and fresh. For having a modern kitchen look, it is crucial to stick with some basic rules that apply to some of these following modern kitchen designs.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Source : Kimball Starr Interior Design

Modern farmhouse style kitchen element looks complete equipped with stainless steel appliances, quartz tables, and cork floors. This kitchen seems beautiful by combining butcher blocks, floating walnut shelves, and thick handmade ceramic tiles. Light cirque large chandelier on the ceiling adds a unique impression to your kitchen.

Organic Modern Kitchen

Source : Kimball Starr Interior Design

This house is ideal for chatting with guests in the living room while you cook in the kitchen.  This interior design of a modern organic kitchen uses an unusual mixture of ingredients. The character of the modern natural composition seen from the red birch cabinets, rare wood details, rich cherry floors, and the entrance door made of shipyard wood. Tall shelves accessible by stairs provide a library and art and book display area overlooking the room’s fabulous fireplace.

Industrial Modern Kitchen

Source : Yorkville Design Centre

This modern kitchen is equipped with a floating ceiling to make the kitchen room look unique. Selected furniture helps add to the industrial appearance from the outside. The advantage of this modern design is adequate lighting without having to use additional electrical energy.

Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Simple kitchen interior design always filled with style, comfortable, and practical. Minimalist and straightforward applied in this kitchen style, with high respect for maximum proportion and use of space. Simple kitchen interior designs are characterized by elegant, simplicity, without unnecessary details, neutral color ranges, quality materials, and stylish accessories. Such a kitchen design interior that always relevant at all times, no matter how many choices there are.

Simple Traditional Kitchen

Source : Venegas and Company

This bright white kitchen use of every corner to put kitchen cabinets that produce a neater feel for the kitchen. Without the need for additional furniture. Only a round dining table made of beautiful wood and several dining chairs made of transparent vinyl adds to the neat, bright and stunning impression for the room.

Simple Modern Kitchen

Source : FINNE Architects

This kitchen installs a simple glass room that opens and functions as a beautiful front porch — sliding glass doors open to a slightly raised wooden deck, creating a smooth indoor-outdoor space. The interior finishing is simple and elegant, with wood floors, zebrawood cabinet doors with mahogany end panels, and quartz and limestone countertops. Exterior materials are made of large glass areas to provide natural lighting and ventilation for energy efficiency. Besides that, this simple kitchen uses sustainable interior finishing materials, including wood cabinets and natural wool rugs.

Simple Contemporary Kitchen

Source : Suzi Appel Photography

This kitchen interior design combining two different dominant ingredients like wood and granite at the dining table and bar table equipped with sets of chairs, each made of wood and fabric like the complementary Yin and Yang elements. A balance between modern and natural that adds a unique and special impression to your kitchen.

Tuscan Kitchen Interior Design

For those of you who enjoy the appeal of a luxurious Italian kitchen, but prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, a Tuscany-style kitchen is a great choice. Because the color scheme of Tuscany is leaning towards a warm and earthy tone, it also has a more welcoming atmosphere. The finishing touch used in Tuscan kitchens also gives a more comfortable feeling because it looks more like a kitchen that is often used rather than a new kitchen on display. Get ideas and inspiration for Tuscan kitchen interior designs, and be prepared to add this warm and friendly style to your kitchen.

Mediterranean Tuscany Kitchen

Source : K’ Bella Studios

This Tuscan-style kitchen is quite simple, but extraordinarily beautiful and distinguished by warm colors and furniture made of natural wood, emphasizing the direct connection between modern interior and nature. This Tuscan kitchen uses stone for the oven and walls. This Tuscan kitchen looks modern by using rough stones to create accent walls that surround the stove and oven.

Outdoor Tuscany Kitchen

Source : Maraya Interior Design

This Mediterranean Tuscany kitchen has the impression of being extraordinary, colorful, and full of energy. The kitchen area has a mosaic name shield behind the range, while above the range is the carved limestone hood. The red feature is very dominant and influential, equipped with black and cream balanced. The design is increasingly complete with wrought iron fixtures, including stair railings, lighting, and fireplace screens. Amazing.

Traditional Tuscany Kitchen

Source : Lisa B Morris Interiors

The Tuscan kitchen is simple, warm, and friendly. The unique energy of excitement and romance is very typical for the Tuscan style, the combination of natural colors and antique touches is a must. Your simple kitchen will look luxurious with Tucan-style stone and wood applications. Add a curtain with earth colors to add a warm impression. And everything is finished.

The Best Colour for Kitchen Interior Design

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What color works best for your kitchen is a matter of personal taste, but to get a real effect, the right color combination is a must and will create beauty. Here we choose the interior kitchen color design combination based on the color-tone classification that you might like.

Bright Colour

Bright color choices in the following kitchen compilations remind us of healthy foods that we often encounter in the kitchen. A color selection like this might motivate you to start a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy food. Maybe you want to try it.

1. Oatmeal

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The brownish and cream paint color on the walls reminds us of a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Warm and “filling your eyes”  color are the most sought after things to start the day, lets starting from your kitchen.

2. Pistachio

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This kitchen has a combination of milky white and greenish like a sprinkling of pistachio nuts over vanilla ice cream, which is hard to resist. Pistachios color bring freshness and energy to any interior design style, and that is another feature that helps make it so accessible. Are you interested in trying it?

3. Eggplant

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Eggplant color is brownish-purple. The glossy surface of the eggplant can be used as inspiration for the color of your kitchen interior. Likewise, dark brown looks perfect in eggplant color, because it reminds us of eggplants that grow in fertile soil. The results of this color combination are familiar and friendly. The beautiful rendering of this purple kitchen is bright and charming. The material used for this kitchen is super modern and rather expensive. Are you dare to try it?

Dark Colour

Dark shades are a choice for people who want to create a modern, contemporary, and elegant look in your kitchen. Black is not always the choice for dark colors. Some of the following color choices are worth you trying.

1. Dark Grey

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Dark gray is the best match for stainless steel for a sleek and stylish appearance in your kitchen. You should know wich dark color that suits the condition of your kitchen. For example, a black or dark gray accent wall will give you a modern look, but if you want more dark paint, it would be better if you combine it with white or other bright colors.

2. Dark Green

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This kitchen utilizes shelves and paints on dark green walls combined with granite and oven surfaces with the feel of a farmhouse. This beautiful kitchen has a green shelf as a focal point. The addition of a farmhouse accent makes the decoration comfortable and inviting.

3. Mate Black

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Simple but characterized. matte-black is a role model of all dark colors. Black domination no longer requires efforts to replace it. Just looked away at the shiny gold furniture. Shiny and matte are usually not paired together, but with this matte black coating, they certainly have to.

Bold Colour

Bold colors in the kitchen express personality and creativity. Also, that colors give a strict statement on the interior of your kitchen. What are you waiting for, Let’s go bold.

1. Jade Green

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When the kitchen is entirely white, a striking jade green color for your kitchen island is all you needed to create an eclectic decoration with strong color characters. This bold jade green color with a shiny texture creates drama in this kitchen design. You certainly agree with this.

2. Bubblegum Pink

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This beautiful bubblegum pink kitchen will impress you with its attractive and tasteful design. A brave soul can be bolder with fuchsia, or you can be more gentle with trendy millennial pink. Pink can work by itself or when paired with other tone-color. When it matched with green, the effect is cool and calm, like a pink kitchen paired with this green dining chair. You will find it hard to look away from this kitchen.

3. Sunny Yellow

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Bring the atmosphere of sunshine no matter what season is with a burst of yellow light in your kitchen. Orange and yellow may be the perfect color combination for your kitchen. When pairing yellow with another color, only emphasize one dominant color. Put yellow color on the window and a combination of orange and yellow on the dining chair to remind you of the glow of the sunset.

Kitchen Cabinets Interior Design

Kitchen cabinets are a severe matter when designing your kitchen design interior. They will form an essential part of the look, layout, and function of your kitchen. The kitchen cabinet has a variety of types and materials. These are a gallery of kitchen cabinets that you can copy easily. 

Farmhouse Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet

Source : Arkin Tilt Architects

Try this unique kitchen cabinet design with storage for dishes and glassware that integrated into the back of the chair with a lifting panel mounted on the slide drawer. No one will know that this is storage until you pull the door up.

Electric Kitchen Cabinet

Source : Green Goods

These caramel colored kitchen cabinets made of woven bamboo plywood and maple plywood and combined with a unique bamboo door and a special concrete table to put your stove. This kitchen cabinet is suitable for organizing a collection of spices in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Source : Creation 7

Nowadays, the kitchen cabinet combination of wood and metal used in designs not only from professional kitchens. Private houses look beautiful and use metal as the primary material in the kitchen, and create a more urban kitchen interior. It is the right choice because of the trend that will continue to grow.

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A good kitchen interior design always pays attention to many aspects, including the health and safety issues of a kitchen building. Not just to beautify your kitchen space, kitchen interior design allows you to be as creative as possible to realize the ideas that are in your head and make them into a dream kitchen that is beautiful, healthy, and safe for all family members.

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