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Kitchen Floor Mats (Comfort and Ergonomic Type of Mats)

Kitchen Floor MatsA busy kitchen can be dangerous for you because of greasy splatters or water spills, which can make your kitchen aisle floor slippery. In addition to that, especially for people who often spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen, you need to take care of your foot from getting tired and fatigue. You know what? These miserable problems can be solved by putting one single floor mats at the corner of your kitchen. Because kitchen mats not only can provide comfort to your foot but also can keep your kitchen aisle safe.

So, do we really need a floor mat in a kitchen?

For those of you who still indecisive about whether or not putting a floor mat in the kitchen, the answer is yes. You do really need it in your kitchen.

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What is The Best Kitchen Floor Mat?


Actually, many health issues can be caused by standing on hard floorings for an extended period. Standing too long in one position makes your blood flow clogged, which can lead to shrinkage and immobilization of the leg muscles. Prolonged standing also causes lethargic feeling because of the heart overworks to pump up blood through the shrunken muscles.

Luckily, with the advancement of technology, there is a lot of kitchen floor mat options offered by the stores. For example, an anti-fatigue mat is made to eliminate those problems. It can improve blood circulation and decreased fatigue. So, you can be more productive while cooking in the kitchen, even though you need to stand for long periods of time.

What is a Comfort Kitchen Mats Material?

There is a lot of types of comfort kitchen mats material. All of these materials offer their own distinctive functional benefits. For example, when it comes to durability, you can rely on carpet fibers, rubber, or vinyl equally. Carpet fibers last long, rubber lasts forever, and vinyl is unbeatable. These three are good choices for a kitchen that has a lot of foot traffic.

For comfortability, carpet fibers usually one step ahead because of their softness. It can make you feel standing on a cloud. But, rubbers are bouncy so it can follow your movements in regards to stimulate good blood circulation. While vinyl has a smooth surface is smooth so it can prevent feet aching.

Pros and Cons of Having Kitchen Floor Mats?

Despite the advantage that floor mat offers, there might be drawbacks of using it in the kitchen. It will be great to find out the pros and cons of putting floor mats in the kitchen before you decided to buy one.


A floor mat has a smooth surface and can prevent accidents. When you accidentally drop a glass on a hard floor, it will most likely break. The mat will likely save the glass from broken. Having a floor mat in the kitchen also good to save your feet from muscle and backbone pain. You can place it where you spend most of your time standing, such as in front of the sink or counter.


Some floor mats are hard to clean when they get dirty and greasy because of the heavy traffic in the kitchen. It can make the overall appearance of your kitchen looks unpleasant. So, you need to make sure to buy the best floor mats that are easy to clean and heavy-duty.

How to Clean Kitchen Floor Mats?

Kitchen floor mats can be dirty because of oil splatters, spills from water and food, and heavy foot traffic. Most of the floor mats are made of vinyl, rubber, foam, or an encased gel. These materials most likely can’t be washed with a washing machine. You need to scrub it with soap and water by hand. Here is the method of cleaning the kitchen floor mat:

Sweep and Shake


Sweep the floor mat or shake it to remove any leftover food and debris.

Soapy Water


Make soapy water in a large bucket by adding dish soap to warm water and stir the liquid until it makes a lot of bubbles. Don’t use any harsh or acidic soap because it might be too intense for some mat materials.

Scrub It Up


Scrub the mat surface with a plastic scrub and soapy water in circular motions. Do it until there is no stain left on the surface.

Spray to Rinse


Spray the mat with a hose to rinse up the bubbles and soapy water. Make sure the hose spray with the highest possible pressure. You also can use a pitcher-and-bucket combo to rinse the mat.

Let It Dry


Completely dry up the clean mat before you put it down on your kitchen floor. Because if it still wet, the moisture will trap between the mat and the floor, which can make the floor has an unwanted stain.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats


Standing a long time on the hardwood floorings or ceramics can put a lot of pressure on your feet, knees, and back, which also leads to fatigue and muscle aches. Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are the most effective solution to make your cooking activity less painful because of prolonged standing in front of the sink or counter. Here are some of the best anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats

to ease your muscle pain.

1. Gel Kitchen Floor Mats

A gel-filled mat is one of the best anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats that widely available in the store. Even though it is relatively expensive for a kitchen mat, but it is worth the price. Because this kind of mats can pamper your feet as well as have some stress-relieving qualities. Here are several examples of gel floor mats that you might need in your kitchen.

Ergonomic Floor Mat


This kind of gel floor mat is designed with ergonomic function, which allows the gel in the mat adapts to the movement of your feet. You should consider putting this ergonomic floor mat, especially at the place that you usually stand the most.

Flowery Embossed Floor Mat


Gel floor mats are not only useful for your health but also can add the aesthetic touch in your kitchen. They are available in various colors and designs, such as this green flowery embossed floor mat. It will look incredibly harmonious with hardwood flooring.

Elite Linen Gel Floor Mat


This gel comfort mat supports your feet and gives comfort so you can stand for a long time without feeling any pain and fatigue. It’s also already complemented by beveled edges and a slip-resistant bottom. This floor mat is the best solution for those who enjoy standing for a long time to cook or bake in the kitchen.

Stain Resistant Gel Floor Mat


One of the best qualities of using a gel floor mat is the stain-resistant surface that keeps you from the hassle of cleaning it every week. This stain-resistant gel floor mat is also water-resistant that makes it easier to clean and prevents moisture trapped between the mat and the floor.

2. Vinyl Kitchen Floor Mats

For those of you who search for an anti-fatigue mat with various pattern designs, the vinyl kitchen floor mat is the answer. Vinyl floor mat offers unlimited designs and colors that you can choose to complete your kitchen look. Here are some examples of vinyl floor mats for kitchen that you might be interested in buying in the near future.

Modern and Simple Look

Source: Hunt Laudi Studio

Modern kitchen design is still a thing and will always be. You can try this modern kitchen floor mat made by vinyl to suit up your modern kitchen looks.

Black on Black

Source: Richard Mandelkorn

If you want your floor mat doesn’t seem dirty or stained for a long time, you can choose this black kitchen floor mat. Moreover, it will look seamless with your dark tone hardwood flooring.

Eclectic Pattern

Source: Beija

Basically, a vinyl floor mat is designed by computer. So, the design patterns are limitless, from traditional, modern, even the combination of both patterns, which is widely known as an eclectic pattern. Sst, you know what? You also can have multiple colors printed on your vinyl floor mat.

The Easiest to Clean

Source: Beija

Juice spills and cookie debris on the kitchen floor mat are unavoidable, especially for those of you who have kids playing around in the kitchen. Vinyl floor mat is always a good idea because it is the easiest to clean. See, even kids can do that.

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3. Foam Kitchen Floor Mats

The foam-filled floor mat is one of the best anti-fatigue floor mats that you can find in the store. It is so popular because it supports your body weight and can reduce joint strain. It is also durable and usually has a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Here are foam kitchen floor mats that you can consider to buy.

Resilient Foam Mat


This kind of floor mat can dramatically reduce fatigue with its soft, supportive, and durable foam-filled mat. It also can suspend your body weight to prevent muscle strain and promoting better posture and blood circulation. It has thick elastomeric and resilient foam covered with abrasion, strain even microbial resistant outer layer. You will find this foam mat still can be used until 20 years later.

Small Foam Mat

Source: Rich Stimmel

It’s really up to you whether using a large floor mat or a small one. You can use this small foam mat right in front of the stove, where you spend the longest time in the kitchen.

Trellis Pattern Foam Mat


This anti-fatigue foam mat use trellis-like pattern design that is suitable for your traditional kitchen. It is also durable and has a warranty of not will be curled or delaminated for 20 years. Indeed, this flooring mat can provide comfort and style for years to come.

The Softest Foam Mat Ever


This softest foam mat is made from memory foam with anti-slip latex bottom. The outer surface is really smooth to touch so that it can make you feel like standing in a cloud. Even though it looks soft, this foam mat is durable and easy to clean. You can put it on your favorite spot in the kitchen.

Decorative Kitchen Floor Mats

The decorative quality of a kitchen floor mat shouldn’t be ruled out because it brings the unexpected sparks in your kitchen. You can transform your dull kitchen floorings looks alive by putting a colorful or eccentric pattern of floor mats. These are some decorative kitchen floor mats that might inspire you to have in your next kitchen remodel agenda.

Contemporary Style Floor Mat


This black and white floor mat looks really great in a contemporary galley kitchen style. It definitely completes the modern vibe of the kitchen by its simple ethnic pattern. By simply putting this mat on your kitchen aisle, it will make your kitchen looks chic more than ever.

Mexican Pattern Floor Mat

Source: Crogan Inlay Floors

Who would have thought this Mexican pattern floor mat is actually a DIY project? By merely adding a multicolor vinyl and simple pattern at the center or the border of the mat, you can make your kitchen looks lively. Be creative, and try this DIY floor mat to spice up your dull kitchen.

Vintage Tiles Pattern Floor Mat


As already said before, linoleum or vinyl floor mat has a limitless design. It is also available in vintage tiles pattern that you can put as a decoration of your kitchen floor. It is washable and easy to maintain. By applying this floor mat, people will think it’s the actual vintage ceramics tiles.

Kitchen Sink Floor Mats

The most important quality of a kitchen sink floor mat is its durability of soapy water splash and acidic liquid spills. So, before buying a new one, you need to make sure the material of the outer surface and the inner filling of the floor mat is resilient enough to endure those. Check this kitchen sink floor mat products before you decided to buy a new one.

Rattan Floor Mat

Source: Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

This woven fiber mat is water-resistant and can endure heavy foot traffic because it is woven very tightly. This mat is the best choice to put on the kitchen aisle or right in front of the sink.

Plaid Pattern Cushioned Mat


This cushioned kitchen floor mat can bring comfort to your foot while washing the pile of dishes in front of the sink. It is such a relief for your feet, legs, and back so you can fully enjoy your time in the kitchen. Moreover, the plaid-inspired design of the outer layer also turns your kitchen look more pop than ever.

Classic Pattern Foam Mat

Source: Chalet

This foam mat is a foam-filled mat with a classic pattern printed on its outer fabric. It is incredibly useful for your kitchen, especially to put in between the sink and stove, where you usually take the longest time to stand in the kitchen.

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A kitchen floor mat is a great option to prevent slip accidents caused by greasy splatters or water spills. Moreover, by putting a kitchen floor mat in your kitchen, It will be beneficial for your health too. It supports your posture and blood circulation while cooking for an extended time in front of the sink and counter. So, make sure to put one on your favorite spot in your kitchen.

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