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Kitchen Ceiling Fans (Cool and Classic Design of Ceiling Fans)


Kitchen Ceiling FansKitchen ceiling fans have been around for decades, and they will be around for much longer due to their high efficiency. Moreover, nowadays, kitchen ceiling fans design can take the kitchen to a whole new level because it can be used as lighting and fan all in one. They are also available in various shapes and sizes that you can choose according to your kitchen design.

Ceiling fans are a better option rather than air conditions because they spend less electricity. They also can reduce the smoke created while cooking. These multifunctional appliances are always a good idea to bring comfort to your kitchen.

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Why We Need Kitchen Ceiling Fans?


The kitchen fan can circulate air around the room and provide air circulation in order to cool down the temperature for a more comfortable space. It is also can replace the air conditioner, especially in the summertime. It also helps you cut down the electricity bills by up to 40%. Kitchen fans not only useful in summer but also can be used in winter. If your kitchen fan has a reverse mode function, It can circulate the warmer air around the room. By using the kitchen fan during the winter, it can lower the overall electricity costs by up to 10%.

What is The Best Ceiling Fan for a Kitchen?


Overall, there are two types of ceiling fans that can be used in a kitchen, which are the small one and the large one. Whether it is the little or the big one, it needs to have lighting. These two kitchen fans are affordable and will look perfect and stylish over your kitchen table. They are also energy efficient, so you don’t need to worry about your electricity bill in the future.


What Size Ceiling Fan Should I Get?


Before buying your new kitchen ceiling fan, you need to measure your room first in order to know what size of the fan is the best for your kitchen ceiling. Ceiling fans offer a various size of blade spans, from 18 inches up to 68-inch blade span. Choosing the right size will optimize its efficiency and make it look just right in your kitchen.


Most of the time, ceiling fan sizes for the kitchen will be much smaller in blade diameter and length than the one for the living room.

The rule of thumb to measure the best fan size is determining the square footage of the room, and then choose the chart above. For a room with 90 square feet, you can use 15–42 inches blades. While 90–100 square feet room will be best to use blades 44–48 inches. For 100–150 square feet room, use 50–54 inches blades, and for a room over 150 square feet, blades 56 inches or larger will be enough.

Pros and Cons of Having Kitchen Ceiling Fans

There are always pros cons in every situation, including installing a kitchen ceiling fan. Let’s read these pros and cons to help you consider whether using a kitchen ceiling fan or not.

Pro: Ceiling Fans Can Cool The Room

Source: S. Lewis

The most significant function of ceiling fans is that they can cool the room temperature up to four or five degrees. It can be very useful in the summer to cooling down the heat in your room.

Pro: Ceiling Fans Can Lower Your Bills

Source: S. Lewis

Ceiling fans used to make a well-circulated air in a room in order to maintain a constant temperature. So that your thermostat will be stable, and your AC won’t need to work as hard.

Pro: Ceiling Fans as a Lighting

Source: S. Lewis

The latest design of most ceiling fans come with a built-in light in the center of the fan. This multifunctional ceiling fans can make your room cooler and lighter at the same time.

Con: Noisy Ceiling Fans

Source: S. Lewis

Ceiling fans that used over time can be noisy because of the loose screws and slightly moved blades. That means if the ceiling fans are not in good hands in terms of machine maintenance, they can make noises and act as a distraction in a quiet room.

Con: Hard To Clean

Source: S. Lewis

A ceiling-mounted fan is hard to reach, so that is also hard to clean. Especially the blades require a special tool to keep them clean over time. If you install a ceiling fan on a cathedral-like ceiling, cleaning that up can be a real hassle.

Con: Dangerous For Tall People In Low-Ceilinged Rooms

Source: S. Lewis

Who would have thought that ceiling fans also can be dangerous, especially for a tall people in a low-ceilinged room? It’s crucial to consider the height of your ceiling and the people who frequently come to your house before installing a ceiling fan.

Best Location to Install Kitchen Fans


Choosing the best location to install a kitchen ceiling fan can be tricky. You need to make sure the ceiling fans have a proportional size within the space. Because we want to make the ceiling fan looks balance in the kitchen, either not too big or too small. You also need to choose a perfect spot to install a ceiling fan for optimal effectiveness based on the usual place that you are around in the kitchen, such as over the kitchen island.

Ceiling Fans for Kitchen

You don’t need to sacrifice the overall looks of your kitchen to install a ceiling fan. Because there are a lot of kitchen ceiling fan designs that you can choose based on your kitchen looks. Here are several best ceiling fans for a kitchen that you might consider to install in the near future.

Modern Kitchen Ceiling Fans

Modern design is never going out of style. These kitchen ceiling fans are perfect for making your modern kitchen look bold than ever.

Frosted Brushed-Nickel Finishes Ceiling Fans


This kitchen ceiling fan provides a clean look to your modern kitchen. With its 52-inch blade span and 13-degree pitch is perfect to use in a large kitchen of yours. This large kitchen ceiling fan also equipped with lighting that can be very useful to illuminate the room.

Simple Ceiling Fan


This simple ceiling fan equipped with 3 sleek blades design that is harmonious for a modern contemporary kitchen. This fan not also can be used in an indoor kitchen but also can be used in an outdoor kitchen as well.

Small Blades Ceiling Fan


This ceiling fan has four small blades that nearly out of sight. This fan also completed with a light fixture to illuminate the entire room. This 48-inch blade ceiling fan is perfect to be the new attraction of your small kitchen.

Wood-Colored Ceiling Fan

Source: Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLC

This ceiling fan offers simplicity in its design. All of the blades colored like wood are in contrast with the all-white kitchen. That’s a successful approach to be an eye-catcher in the room.

Bullet-like Ceiling Fan

Source: RES4

This contemporary kitchen ceiling fan has a sleek look just like a bullet. It will make your room looks more modern than ever. It is also available in various dimensions from 36″, 42″ and 52″ blade span. You just need to choose the one that has a proportional size within your kitchen.

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Country Kitchen Ceiling Fans

The Country-style kitchen is still quite famous in the US. If you are considering to install a ceiling fan in your country kitchen, you need to choose the on that looks blended in the room. Here are several ceiling fans that might be suitable for your country kitchen.

Traditional Look Ceiling Fan


This traditional look ceiling fan has five blades with wood finishes. It also equipped with pendant-like lighting with beautiful details all around it. It indeed can pull off the traditional look in that country kitchen.

All-White Ceiling Fan


The all-white ceiling fan is perfectly blended with the overall country kitchen design. It also accentuates the wood-beamed ceiling and makes it more defined. Indeed it always never goes wrong with white.

Exquisite Pendant Lighting Fan


This ceiling fan offers an exquisite design pendant lamp. The details of this pendant lighting fan make the country kitchen looks more sophisticated than ever.

Classic Ceiling Fan

Source: Linda Burkhardt

The white classic ceiling fan seamlessly blended with the white beamed-ceiling. It is also has a simple yet classic design that suitable for classic country kitchen looks.

Grande Ceiling Fan

Source: Elliott Johnson

The grande size white fan effortlessly matches with the white vaulted ceiling. It also makes the all-white kitchen looks more clean and modern in this country kitchen style.

Small Kitchen Ceiling Fans

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t install a ceiling fan. Here are small kitchen ceiling fans that might be the new attraction of your small kitchen.

Cool and Classic Ceiling Fan


This classic style ceiling fan makes the small kitchen looks complete. The sleek design blades with white frosted glass finishes make the room look timeless.

Galley Kitchen Ceiling Fan


The stainless steel ceiling fan looks simple and practical. It completes this galley kitchen to pull off the modern look.

All-Black Ceiling Fan


The all-black ceiling fan is in contrast with the white pearl cabinet, which represented a simplistic beauty in this casual kitchen. It successfully makes the small kitchen looks bold.

Retro Stainless Fan

Source: Julia Staples

The small kitchen collaboratively pull-off the retro style from a little farmhouse, a little retro, a little modern, and a lot of whimsy. So, this retro-style kitchen also needs a retro touch in its ceiling fan. This small stainless fan adds the eclectic vibes in this kitchen room.

Satin Nickel Fan

Source: Todd Crawford

The fan is made from satin nickel, which makes the small kitchen looks modern and contemporary. This kind of ceiling fan is perfect for a small kitchen with high-ceiling.

Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Light

These days, ceiling fans also equipped with lighting that can help to illuminate the kitchen. Here are several examples of best kitchen ceiling fans with lights that you need to consider before buying a new one.

Vintage Style Ceiling Fan with Lamp


This ceiling fan with light is a mix of traditional with a contemporary twist. It also features with a 54-inch blade with vintage steel finishes that looks perfect for any kitchen design.

Matte Opal Small Ceiling Fan


This small ceiling fan has an edgy and compact design, which is great to install in a small kitchen. It also equipped with built-in lights that seamlessly blend in with the ceiling fan design. The matte opal color of the blades makes your kitchen looks modern than ever.

Ceiling Fan with LED Strip Light


This unique kitchen ceiling fan has a contemporary design touch, especially with the LED strip light that built-in the frame of the fan. It is undoubtedly one of a kind design of ceiling fan with light.

Halo Ceiling Fan

Source: LA Dwelling

This halo ceiling fan literally makes the halo effect with its distinctive dual shade of light. This ceiling fan is best suited for spaces with a 9-foot or higher ceiling. It also features four slim stainless steel blades that look perfect in a contemporary look kitchen style.

Round Lighting Ceiling Fan

Source: Ruhf Plitt Architects, Ltd.

This ceiling fan features a full-rounded lamp that is perfect to be placed over the kitchen island. Because it can effectively illuminate the kitchen island worktop. It also has three blades that are enough to provide a good air circulation in the kitchen. The last but not the least, the stainless steel finishes of the ceiling fan also successfully accentuate this relatively small kitchen without overdoing it. It just looks right-in with the overall look of the kitchen.

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Some people might say that the kitchen ceiling fan is out of date, but it will not change the high efficiency of this product. It has been proved that numerous designs can make this fan looks stylish and up to date. Moreover, it also features built-in lighting that can be used to illuminate the entire room while making sure that the kitchen has a well-circulated air. A ceiling fan also can be used to get rid off the smoke while cooking. By installing the ceiling fan, you also can lower the electricity bill every month. The kitchen ceiling fan is indeed a must-have appliance to bring comfort to your kitchen.

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