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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Modern, Rustic and Farmhouse)

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – When you start to renovate the kitchen, besides thinking about the kitchen set, we also have to think about the wall material around the cooking area. The panel on the back of the stove and cooking preparation area is commonly called a backsplash. The back panel or backsplash, now has become an essential element in the kitchen.

Changing backsplash seems trivial, but this can change the look of your kitchen. Initially, the back panel area was given a coating so that the walls do not get dirty quickly. Lately, backsplash no longer only serves as a barrier to splashes of oil and steam from cooking, but at the same time, as one of the elements to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

A variety of kitchen wallcovering or backsplash materials have sprung up, ranging from ceramics, mosaics, stainless steel, and glass. One of the things you can do if you want to renovate or enhance your kitchen’s appearance is to replace this backsplash. Material selection and design and the right motives will make the kitchen look beautiful. 

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What is Kitchen Backsplash?

Source : Discount Glass Tile Store

The term backsplash refers to the vertical part of the kitchen counter, especially the area between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinet. Its function is to protect the kitchen wall from splashes of water, oil or other stains when you cook.

Kitchen backsplash is not only a protective function but can also enhance the appearance of your kitchen because the materials used are generally made of stone to glossy and beautiful textured ceramics.

What Is the Best Material for Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is an area that is prone to wet and dirty environments, especially the walls around the stove and sink. The best ways are to cover the kitchen wall with a backsplash coating. The backsplash has many variations of shapes and materials. These following are the best backsplash material that you can try.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Source : Danenberg Design

The use of glass material in a minimalist kitchen becomes the right combination. Besides looking more modern, the reflection that produced from the glass backsplash can also give the impression of relief in your kitchen. Several types of glass that you can use, such as sandblast glass, tinted glass, stained glass, and textured glass. Some things you should consider when choosing glass material is that you need to clean it often because it is easily stained. Be sure to choose tempered glass, so that if it breaks, it won’t do any harm.

Porcelain Tile Backsplash

Source : Ceramo Tiles

This porcelain most often used for kitchen backsplash material, both in small, mosaic, or brick-like shapes. The advantages of porcelain,  are straightforward, easy to clean, the form and variety of types that allow the owner to present a different atmosphere in the kitchen space and an affordable price. Even so, porcelain material still has weaknesses, and namely, in the connecting part between ceramics, it is easier to get dirty if it not cleaned regularly.

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Travertine Tile Backsplash

Source : Pinemar, Inc

The best thing about buying travertine tiles is the fact that you are investing in implementing an environmentally friendly item because all of the travertine ingredients are natural. Travertine comes in earthy colors and natural shades. They are also easy to install because they have a variety of sizes available on the market. It is budget-friendly and can adjust to your needs.

Metal Tile Backsplash

Source : BKT LOFT Italian Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego

The kitchen backsplash with metal material on the wall will bring a classic feel to your kitchen. Metal materials also have many advantages, both in terms of function and aesthetics. Especially its durability, which is not quickly broken. However, you must pay attention to several things, especially keeping your metal backsplash dry to avoid rust. Besides, the metal is also a conductor of heat quickly, so that it can cause the kitchen space to become hotter. If you are interested in using backsplash with metal materials, make sure that your kitchen has good air circulation.

Thermoplastic Tile Backsplash

Source : Discount Glass Tile Store

A thermoplastic backsplash is probably the most straightforward kitchen backsplash idea because this type of material to install because it can be cut with scissors and applied to the wall with double-sided tape. This thermoplastic panel is so light that you only need masking tape to install it. However, this material is not very suitable if used in cooking areas that require high temperatures, because we all know that plastic will react if exposed to heat.

How do I Choose a Kitchen Blacksplash?

Source : DeGraaf Interiors

The first thing you should consider is what type of personality you are? Every kind of character must have their respective preferences. By recognizing your personality type, you can determine the type of backsplash material that suits you. Backsplash must use the right material because this wall will be splashed with dirt when you cook, whether it’s cooking oil, flour, other stains. Get to know the material first, then determine which one is suitable for your kitchen needs.

Choosing colors is also a matter that must consider. If you are confused about what color is suitable for your kitchen tile, choose neutral colors like white or gray. These colors will fit in a variety of situations, as well as the colors in your kitchen cabinet. Make sure the specifications are suitable and following the budget you have. Before buying, you can survey and compare the availability of products owned by each vendor first. Hopefully, your dream kitchen can achieve.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The following brilliant ideas prove that the kitchen does not need to be conventional, as well as the installation of backsplash suitable for modern kitchens. We have prepared kitchen backsplash design ideas for your modern kitchen.

1. Bohemian Fabric Backsplash

Source : Incorporated

This modern small kitchen has a unique and attractive backsplash design. It has a fabric backsplash with bohemian-style paint that laminated behind glass. This idea gives a deep impression of a simple kitchen, the kind of painted kitchen backsplash idea that you should try.

2. Herringbone Tile Backsplash 

Source : Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

Many things attract the attention of this modern kitchen design. Including the Italian Yellow Bertazzoni Range with a unique herringbone tile backsplash that is a significant feature. Brick pillars contrast with the dominant silver-tone, creating a warm, modern feel.  

3.  Stone Tile Backsplash

Source : Croma Design Inc.

The spacious and bright atmosphere of this modern kitchen produces from the perfect combination of various kitchen elements, brick exterior on the wall, glossy surface on the floor, and the main focal point of the high and full backsplash of stone tiles.

4.   Brushed Stainless Steel Backsplash

Source : ALLOY Solid Metal Tiles

This modern kitchen design has brushed Stainless Steel tiles as a backsplash. It is one of the unique kitchen backsplash ideas that suitable for kitchens with a contemporary theme.

5. Mosaic Mirror Backsplash

Source : Robeson Design

The perfection of this roundhouse design produces by solid walnut wood panels and custom shelves built-in all hidden storage below and above. The backsplash above the Kitchen sink is a super-thin mosaic tile made of reflective mirrors that creates the illusion of a sparkling and fantastic space. 

Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Although commonly using more tile and stone materials, kitchen backsplash can also apply for rustic themed kitchens that are synonymous with wood shades. We have prepared the rustic backsplash idea for the kitchen that will impress you.

1. Rustic Tile Backsplash

Source :

This rustic kitchen detail gives a warm touch to every element. Kitchen backsplash tiles and weathered chimneys provide a warm feel. The addition of stainless features creates a fantastic combination of natural and contemporary.  

2. Rustic Wood Block Backsplash

Source : Renewal Remodels and Additions

Wood and rustic are two inseparable things. Homeowners apply a brilliant wood backsplash idea for the kitchen. You can also affect the same purpose by using wooden blocks for a unique and unusual impression. 

3. Rustic Mozaik Backsplash

Source : Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

Beautiful wood tones fill the house with light and warmth. the more perfect with the selection of mosaic tile backsplash in blue that contrasts with its surroundings so that it becomes the center of attention.

4. Rustic Wooden Board Backsplash

Source : Kaplan Thompson Architects

Wood board material dominates almost the entire room, including backsplash. Homeowners let natural wood color on the walls, floor, and ceiling, while the backsplash gives a touch of green. It reminds us of the atmosphere under a tree with green leaves.

5. Rustic Tile Mural Backsplash

Source : Pacifica Tile Art Studio

This tile mural on the kitchen wall displays a stunning horse image that is perfect for rustic kitchen design ideas. The tiles on the kitchen backsplash and its surroundings are murals made of stone, which are the center of attention.

Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Farmhouse-style kitchen decorations often feature a warm and friendly atmosphere. Present this style in color tones such as brown, beige, white, light yellow, maroon, orange to dark blue on your kitchen backsplash. These colors will give the impression of a quiet, warm, and comfortable farmhouse. These following are inspiring kitchen backsplash in farmhouse kitchens that are very easy to emulate.

1. Eclectic Farmhouse Backsplash

Source : Buckminster Green LLC

Home design with a farmhouse style has exclusive use of wood materials, which can apply to a variety of room decorations. The application of wood material to the farmhouse kitchen applies to the ceiling and wooden floor combined with an eclectic patterned porcelain backsplash that enlivens the atmosphere around the kitchen.

2. Recycling Farmhouse Backsplash

Source : Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Homeowners use recycled materials for their kitchen designs by installing insulated copper doors on the backsplash to the right of the oven. The color that is owned by this copper door looks in line with the dominant farmhouse theme in the room. 

3. Mint Farmhouse Backsplash

Source : British Standard by Plain English

Backsplash made from a small mint-colored ceramic arrangement serves to protect the all-white walls in this kitchen. A set of mint wood cabinets perfects the look of a classic farmhouse.

4. Mozaic Farmhouse Backsplash

Source : Dayna Katlin Interiors

This classic painting illustrated backsplash is made of a particular mosaic arrangement and creates the impression of luxury and elegance in this traditional farmhouse kitchen. If you are interested in installing a backsplash like this, use minimalist furniture so that the appearance of the room is not too excessive. 

5. Modern Farmhouse Backsplash

Source : Architectural Ceramics Inc

The kitchen backsplash in this modern kitchen is made of ceramic that pairs one by one by hand, with a mixture of cement, marble powder, fine sand, and natural mineral color pigments to create beautiful patterns and strengthen the new impression. 

Black and White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The combination of black and white in the kitchen design has several meanings. Many people interpret it as simplicity, minimalism, but some consider it as an elegant and modern color. Choosing black and white for kitchen backsplash is the right idea because black is not easily affected by stains, while white is not natural to conduct heat, so the combination of the two is perfection.

1. Contemporary Monochrome Backsplash

Source : Danenberg Design

This kitchen has a contemporary touch with a choice of monochrome colors such as black, white, and gray. They equipped with limestone floors, high gloss white cabinet, glass slats with stainless steel support, black backsplash tiles, and black glass tiles in the bar area.

2. Modern Gloss Backsplash

Source : Normandy Remodeling

This modern kitchen featuring a gray table is paired with white and black high overlay cabinets and backsplash and large porcelain tile floors to complement this contemporary design.

3. Simple Black and White Brick Backsplash

Source : nestarchitects

A house with a farmhouse style design applies a simple concept to every decoration and design of the room. The farmhouse-style kitchen also often applies the idea of exposed brick on the side of the wall. This kitchen owner uses simple black and white brick backsplash to protect the kitchen wall.

4. All Black Brick Backsplash

Source : CKS Residential

If the kitchen previously used a combination of white and black bricks, this modern kitchen uses all black blocks as a backsplash with the misaligned arrangement, thus adding aesthetic value to the kitchen.

5. Black, White, and Blue Backsplash

Source : Classic Kitchens & Interiors

Three dominant colors that make your eyes comfortable when you see them. Black and white on the walls, ceilings, and kitchen furniture and splashes of blue on the backsplash mosaic that create a fresh atmosphere in the kitchen. 

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If you want to make a kitchen that is unique and different from others, the backsplash is the right part to start. of course, the backsplash needed for the kitchen area because cooking and preparing food is an essential part of daily activities. You certainly do not want food served for loved ones to be tarnished because the kitchen area is dirty, right? Thus, if you plan to renovate your kitchen, make sure you think carefully about what kind of interior design you want to use to make your kitchen more attractive. One way is to use backsplash on the walls of your kitchen. With the right selection and design, the backsplash can be an alternative if you want to renovate your kitchen. 

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