Kitchen Ceiling Fans (Cool and Classic Design of Ceiling Fans)

Kitchen Ceiling Fans – Kitchen ceiling fans have been around for decades, and they will be around for much longer due to their high efficiency. Moreover, nowadays, kitchen ceiling fans design can take the kitchen to a whole new level because it can be used as lighting and fan all in one. They are also … Read more

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas (Best and Clear Lighting Style)

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas – A kitchen island is likely a hub of activity where the whole family gathers to do things and share their stories of the day. It is an area where many events take place, from meal preparation, cooking, or even dining activity. Therefore, this area needs to be well lit to … Read more

Kitchen Hood Ideas (Glossy Modern Island Range Hood)

Kitchen Hood Ideas – Kitchen hood ideas have evolved from bulky and boring design to artsy kind of style. Nowadays, they are available in various shapes, sizes, even materials that can draw people’s attention or just blend in with their surroundings. Basically, range hood is a machine to remove cooking odors. It is an important … Read more